Miscellaneous Utilities

Dick Grune

These are some useful (to me, that is) UNIX and MSDOS utilities that I have written over the years. Most of them are what one could call `orientation aids' to fight chaotic overload. For example, `lmr' ("List Most Recent") will quickly tell me what on earth I was doing in this directory when I last worked on it perhaps half a year ago. Most programs do more than has been indicated here; many have man pages; some are trivial but have yet proved useful.

Most programs are served as .tar or .zip files. Most compile on other OSs. Some come with .exe files.

* eh

EH - as in "Eh?" - gives a first impression of the contents of its arguments, which may be text files, directories, etc. A usual call is 'eh *' to see what is going on in this directory. Less wide than the UNIX command `file', but digs deeper.
PDF, C Sources, MSDOS exe.

* findeqf

FINDEQF - Find Equal Files - finds duplicate files in a directory and its subdirectories. Good for cleaning up the file system. Very fast and can handle large numbers of files.
Manual page, C Sources, MSDOS exe.

* lmr

LMR - List Most Recent - displays 'ls -l'-like info of the 8 most recently modified files in a directory. Answers the question "What was I doing here?".
PDF, C Sources, MSDOS exe.

* notin

NOTIN prints all ASCII95 characters NOT in a given file. Good for finding out which characters you can use for massive editing.
C Source. MSDOS exe.

* tally

TALLY prints a character count per character for a given file, including UTF-8 codes and unprintable ones. Good for spotting "funny" characters in files.
PDF, C Sources, MSDOS exe.

* datejpg

DATEJPG - (re)Date a JPG - puts the possibly adjusted EXIF DateTime of a JPG as a prefix to the file name, without modifying the JPG itself. Good for 1. making the date/time visible in the file name if it isn't already; 2. correcting incorrect camera date/time settings.
PDF, C Sources, MSDOS exe.

* utime

UTIME - Update mTIME - sets the mtime of a given file to a given date/time or to that of another file. Good for creatively adjusting the file system.
PDF, C Sources, MSDOS exe.

* uudecode

UUDECODE - an accommodating uudecode that will extract multiple encoded files from multiple uue files, ignoring crud.
PDF, C Sources, MSDOS exe.

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