The Magtape Handling Package MAG

Dick Grune

Sales talk

If you have one or more magtape units and want to do more with them than just run `tar', this is for you.

On the shell level this package offers programs for

  • getting a quick look at a tape
  • making exact copies of tapes even if you've got only one magtape unit
  • extracting arbitrary portions from tapes
  • reading and writing ANSI standard labelled tapes
  • producing and utilizing structure-preserving tape image files

All these programs work equally well on real tapes and on tape image files on disk.

On the C-level it supplies routines for handling real tapes and tape images on disk as a unified concept (`generalized magtape').

How do I get it?

The package consists of release info ( README.1st); code; and a set of UNIX-style Manuals in PDF format.

Installation requires a C compiler and some minimal knowledge of the operating system. The package was written for a UNIX-like system but also compiles in a DOS-box under Windows, using gcc.

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