Tartans in GIF Format

Dick Grune

* The tartans in thumbnails: to see the clan name, put the cursor on a tartan icon. Clicking the mouse will retrieve the full tartan gif file.

* ZIP File of All Tartans (1.6 Mb).

* Instructions on How To Count A Tartan (it's different).

* About these Tartan GIFs.


I don't actually know much about tartans or clans; I just do tartan GIFs occasionally. If you have a question about tartans and clans, your chances of getting an answer are much better on the newsgroup alt.scottish.clans, at Scottish Tartans Society, or at Tartan finder for over 2000 tartans supplied by HOUSE of TARTAN Ltd.

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Tartans in GIF Format / Dick Grune / dick@dickgrune.com

I'm a Sassenach who collects tartans; I'm a goy who speaks Hebrew; can I have my identity crisis now?