Curriculum Vitae of Dick Grune
Retired Lecturer of Programming Languages and Compiler Construction

Updated Jan. 25, 2020

Present address:

Former address:
Dept. of Computer Science
VU University Amsterdam
De Boelelaan 1081A
1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2019 “The Korean Verb - Structured and Complete” (Routledge), with Seongyeon Cho (Korean School of Amsterdam)
2012 “Modern Compiler Design - Second Edition” (Springer Verlag), with Henri Bal, Kees van Reewijk, Ceriel Jacobs and Koen Langendoen.
2008 “Parsing Techniques: a Practical Guide, 2nd Ed.” (Springer Verlag), with Ceriel Jacobs.
2004 Retired.
2000 “Modern Compiler Design” (John Wiley), with Henri Bal, Ceriel Jacobs and Koen Langendoen.
1994 “Programming Language Essentials” (Addison-Wesley), with Henri Bal.
1990 “Parsing Techniques: a Practical Guide” (Ellis Horwood), with Ceriel Jacobs.
1986 CVS, Concurrent Versions System, design and implementation.
1982-2005 Lecturer, at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam:
research in and teaching of programming languages and compiler construction;
work on the Amsterdam Compiler Kit; writing books.
1982 PhD in Computer Science, at the University of Amsterdam:
thesis title: “ALEPH, A Language Encouraging Program Hierarchy”
supervisor: prof. dr. ir. A. van Wijngaarden.
1976-1982 Senior Researcher, at the Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam:
research on the grammatical paradigm of programming; constructing an ALGOL68 compiler.
1970-1976 Researcher, at the Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam:
work on ALGOL 68, including an extensive test set; operating systems teaching.
1968-1970 Systems Programmer, at the Technion, Haifa, Israel:
Elliott 503 systems support; introduction of an IBM 360/50.
1967 Married to Lily Ossendrijver.
1967 Masters of Physics, cum laude, at Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht.
1962-1967 Experimental Physics, at Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht,
with minors in Theoretical Physics and Electronics.
1958-1962 Physics and Chemistry, at Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, the Netherlands.
1952-1958 Gymnasium β, in Enschede, the Netherlands.
1939 Born in Enschede, the Netherlands.

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