Errata to "Parsing Techniques, 2nd Ed." by Dick Grune and Ceriel J.H. Jacobs, Springer Verlag, 2008

Dick Grune

The following errors have been brought to our attention.

Latest correction 2016-06-05.

page 22+9 -- (3 times rule 1) ⇒ (twice rule 1 followed by rule 0)
page 53-12 Roger L. Costello, The literature reference Revesz[394] should be to A. Salomaa, Formal Languages, Academic Press (1973), pp. 103-105.
(The theorem was first described in Ginsburg, Greibach, and Harrison, "One-Way Stack Automata", J. ACM, 14(1967)2, 389-418, Theorem 3.1.)
page 57-7 Denis Firsov - The example "play chess" is incorrect. Chess is a finite game: there are finitely many board positions; there is 0 or 1 move between each board position; and when the same board position occurs for the third time, the game ends. This allows us to generate the set of all Java programs that terminate correctly on all chess move sequences. A better example problem would be the addition of two integers. Since there are infinitely many of these additions, the generated programs cannot be checked by exhaustive testing.
page 130, Fig. 4.18 Roger L. Costello, Rule 11: Number_1_2 → Integer_1_1 Digit_2_1 ⇒ Number_1_2 → Integer_1_2
page 146, Fig. 5.13 Thomas Miller, Some items are in the wrong columns; the correct figure is in Figure_5_13_corr.jpg.
page 239, Section Roger L. Costello, Here and in many other places in the book, the term "sentential form" is used to mean "any sequence of terminals and non-terminals" rather than only those that derive from the start symbol, as is the formal definition.
page 301 Marcin Ciura, In Figure 9.34, in state 6, the lookahead sets for all items but the first one (T→(.E)) should be [-)] rather than [#-)]. The correct figure can be found in Fig9_34.pdf.
page 314-3 Marcin Ciura, only states 1 and 4 differ ⇒ only states 1, 4 and 6 differ
page 315 Marcin Ciura, The $s in Figure 9.41 should be #s. The correct figure can be found in Fig9_41.pdf.
page 321-4 Marcin Ciura, "At the beginning of Chapter 7 we indicted ..." ⇒ "In Section 5.1.1 we showed ..."
pages 336, 337 Marcin Ciura, Some numbers on the left of Figure 9.52 and on the bottom of Figure 9.53 are wrong. The correct figures can be found in Fig9_52.pdf and Fig9_53.pdf.

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