Complete Literature References and Additional Material to

Parsing Techniques: A Practical Guide - Second Edition

Authored by Dick Grune and Ceriel J.H. Jacobs,
VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Published by Springer (ISBN: 978-0-387-20248-8) 2007.

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* The Complete Literature References

The printed book contains only the about 400 literature references that are referred to in the book itself, all of them with annotations. The complete list of literature references comprises about 1700 entries of which around 1100 are annotated. It can be found here. It consists of augmented versions of the Table of Contents, Chapter 18, the Authors' Index, and the Subject Index, each reflecting in its way the added entries.

Since literature entries in the book are references by number, and since these numbers are handed out consecutively in both the shorter list in the printed book and the complete list discussed above, an entry's number in the book does not match its number in the complete list. A mapping is provided to solve this problem. The left column in this mapping shows the entry number as used in the book; the right column shows the corresponding entry number in the complete list.

* Sample Parsers

Code for many parsers from the book, plus various other related programs.

* Papers of Low Availability

Some papers referred to in the book or the complete literature references are not easily accessible; a few of them can be found here.

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