Programming Language Essentials (1994)

Henri E. Bal and Dick Grune

VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1994; ISBN 0 201 63179 2


This 270-page book provides a concise guide through the bewildering variety of modern programming languages, focusing on essential concepts and omitting irrelevant detail.

The book highlights these major programming paradigms:

  • imperative languages, illustrated with ANSI C and Ada 9X examples
  • object-oriented languages (with C++)
  • functional languages (with Miranda)
  • logic languages (with Prolog)
  • languages for parallel and distributed systems (with Ada 9X and others)

A final chapter provides an overview of special-purpose or non-standard languages including PIC, APL, SETL and SQL.

For more information, see the Preface and the Table of Contents. There is also a four-page abstract.

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Course Material

PostScript file of all figures and tables in the book

Four-page abstract.

About the authors

Henri Bal and Dick Grune are both lecturers in Computer Science at the VU University Amsterdam, with extensive experience in teaching programming language courses. Their previous publications include the books Modern Compiler Design, Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide , and Programming Distributed Systems (with other authors). Their research is focused on programming language design and implementation, especially for parallel and distributed systems. Bal is one of the main designers of the Orca parallel language.

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