Errata to "The Korean Verb — Structured and Complete" by Dick Grune and Cho Seongyeon, Routledge, 2020

Dick Grune

The following errors and omissions have come to our attention.

Latest correction 2020-02-10.

page xiii below the name Cho Seongyeon, the email address is missing:
page 41, table the "hageche" entry is incomplete; the corrected table can be found here.
page 80, bottom line 얼골이 → 얼굴이
page 136, line 4 made the person quoted → made by the person quoted
page 140, entry -걸 in the last item in the entry:
as -(아/어)ㅆ을걸; → as -(으)ㄹ걸;
page 150, entry -(느)ㄴ다손 -(느)ㄴ다손 져도 → -(느)ㄴ다손 쳐도
(the example under it is correct)

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