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Xenododo, published by Joseph Biddulph

Xenododo is subtitled "A Miscellany of Ancient and Exotic Tongues" and appeared in ten parts up to the end of 1991. Articles cover practically anything linguistic and range from a single-page item to major articles marked *. Particularly noteworthy is the series by Norwegian writer Ola J. Holten which seeks to demonstrate that the Kensington Runs Stone found in the USA could be a genuine medieval artifact: each instalment of the item is full of fascinating Nordic bygones.

(Unfortunately, many of the following items are out of print at the moment. Offprints/spare copies sometimes available: please enquire separately.)

Xenododo Part One:

Creole; Busbecq's Crimean Gothic; Mende; Brythonic Bulletin; Captain Cook's South Sea Island Vocabularies; The Occitan of Bigorre; Norman-French of Guernsey.

24 pages; ISBN 0 948565 63 2.

Xenododo Part Two:

Scottish Legal Terms in Esperanto; Saxon Dialect in the Netherlands; How to Read Armenian; Limba; Key to Coptic Tongue; For Basque Learners; Adventures in Cornish.

28 pages; ISBN 0 948565 66 7.

Xenododo Part Three:

Stoke-on-Trent Kreema Urbo; St. Luke's Gospel 23 (part) in Brummee (Birmingham) dialect; Hynwyn Tyllerow Keltek yn Cres Pow Saws; Key to Coptic; Panjabi; Crimean Gothic; Celtic Speech of Durotriges; Raluana (Papua New Guinea); the language of Eddystone Island (W. Solomons).

24 pages; ISBN 0 948565 69 1.

Xenododo Part Four:

Red Paint People; The Kensington Rune Stone is Genuine*; The Pictish Inscriptions*; Languages and Accents of South Africa; Key to Coptic (This series builds into a basic grammar).

24 pages; ISBN O 948565 70 5.

Xenododo Part Five:

A Fount of Gaelic; Mataco Vocabulary*(Dr. Peter A. Lanyon-Orgill); Key to Coptic; A Cornish Cornucopia; The Barebones of Old High German*.

24 pages; ISBN 0 948565 71 3.

Xenododo Part Six:

Lord's Prayer in Greenlandic; Patagonian and Araucanian; Key to Coptic; The Kensington Stone is Genuine*; Ainu, the Dying Language of Japan*(Patrik Bye); South Island Maori; Crimean Goths still elusive.

28 pages; ISBN 0 948565 77 2.

Xenododo Part Seven:

Albanian; Key to Coptic (final part); Sussex Dialect; Aspects of Ayrshire Scots* (John Christie); Lord's Prayer in Zyryan/Komi; Lord's Prayer in Khasi.

24 pages; ISBN O 948565 80 2.

Xenododo Part Eight:

Miscellany; Grammar of Old Saxon (16 pages)*.

28 pages; ISBN 0 948565 83 7.

Xenododo Part Nine:

The Kensington Stone is Genuine*; Samish (Lappish)* (Patrik Bye); Grammar of Black Country*.

32 pages; ISBN 0 948565 84 5.

Xenododo Part Ten:

On the Origin of Language; Etruscan; The Kensington Stone is Genuine (conclusion)*.

32 pages; ISBN 0 948565 85 3.

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