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Joseph Biddulph Publisher
32 Stryd Ebeneser
CF37 5PB
Cymru - Wales

Telephone: PONTYPRIDD (+44) 1443 662559

ISBN PREFIX: 1 897999 ___ __

Joseph Biddulph is also publishing under the name of the LANGUAGES INFORMATION CENTRE

ISBN PREFIX: 0 948565 ___ __

The Languages Information Centre exists to provide inexpensive, accessible and straightforwardly presented introductions to the lesser known languages of the world, living or dead. It depends for its funding - indeed for its very survival - on the sale of unique and interesting booklets produced by the Centre.

Revised editions of booklets previously published under the Languages Information Centre may appear as JOSEPH BIDDULPH Publications.

How to Order

Write to Joseph Biddulph Publisher at the above address. Joseph Biddulph has no email, but will write back, supplying details about availability, prices, airmail arrangements, etc..

All prices are post free in all of Europe. US prices include airmail postage worldwide. You can pay in Euros or UK £ or US $ and many other currencies in any non-electronic form. Europe-wide trade discount even on single copies. Invoices are provided for institutions and trade.
All payments payable to: Joseph Biddulph

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