Dick Grune

Ardèche, 2000. Photo by Ilana Grune.
More photos:
Ardèche (2000), Brugge, Belgium (2002), Chenonceau, France (2004), Dolmen de Bagneux, Saumur, France (2004), with daughters, Beverwijk, Neth. (2008),

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* Computer Science Books:

Modern Compiler Design, 2nd Edition (2012)

Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide, Second Edition (2008)

Modern Compiler Design (2000)

Programming Language Essentials (1994)

Parsing Techniques - A Practical Guide (1990)

* Computer Science Projects:

Teckel — An Interpreter for Abstract Algorithms in LaTeX

Two-way Stack Automata and Compiling

* Writings on Languages:

* Specific Languages:

* Burushaski - An Extraordinary Language in the Karakoram Mountains

* Hopi - Survey of an Uto-Aztecan Language

* Is Klingon an Ohlonean Language?

* Korean, with Learning Aids

* Dutch (Nederlands)

* Open en gesloten korte o in het Nederlands (nieuwe versie 2014) (Open and Closed Short o in Dutch)

* De Nederlandse klinkers met hun spellingen (The Dutch Vowels and Their Spellings)

* Making Sense of Dutch Word Order

* Some Errata to H.R. Stern's Excellent Booklet "Essential Dutch Grammar"

* Summaries

* Some Language Summaries

* Annotated Literature References on Languages and Linguistics

* Software:

* Software Similarity Tester (new 64-bit version)

* Progam explaining LALR (bison) conflicts

* A Two-Level Sentence Generator

* Miscellaneous Utilities

* Magnetic Tape Handling Programs and Routines

* A program for printing book signatures from PostScript

* Gnomesort - The simplest sort program (4 lines in C)

* Numerical conversion from binary to mixed base -- without division

* Legacy Software:

* Some Algol 68 material (from miscellaneous sources)

* Concurrent Versions System CVS (original, obsolete, version)

* Miscellaneous:

* My Book Shelves

* How a Light Saber Works

* A Simple Solution to Rubik's Cube / De Hongaarse kubus ontward

* Miscellaneous about Yoko Tsuno

* Twohunderdandseventy-something Tartans

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